SEJ elections 2008

Eligible SEJ members may vote by absentee mail ballot or in person at the October 17th membership meeting in Roanoke, VA. SEJ members who joined by August 20, 2008, and are not delinquent with their dues, are eligible to vote. Absentee mail ballots will be mailed to all eligible voters on or after August 29 and no later than September 18. If you do not receive a mail ballot and believe you are eligible to vote, please contact Chris Rigel via email or at 215-884-8177. Mail ballots must be received by October 10, 2008, to be counted. For more information, please view SEJ's Election Policies and Bylaws.

Board elections this year include active seats only. Up for election are three active-category seats on the SEJ board of directors. Associate elections will be held in 2009; academic elections will be held in 2010. Active, academic and associate members of SEJ vote only in the election for seats representing their own membership category. If you're unable to access the candidate statements or prefer paper copies, please contact Chris Rigel, 215-884-8177.

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