Photos: SEJ 15th Annual Conference, Austin, TX

Friday, September 30, 2005

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Concurrent Sessions 1 and 2

Concurrent Session 1
Photos 1 & 2: THE CRAFT: FOIA Session: Fighting to Keep Public Information Public
Photo 3: THE GULF: Sprawl: Tsunamis, Hurricanes and Coastal Development

Photos by Kenneth Friedman
Ken Ward Jr., Joseph A. Davis,
Vince Patton and Jim Bruggers
(1st & 2nd photos)

THE INDUSTRY: Green Energy: What Are the Paybacks and the Risks?
Photos by Kenneth Friedman
Bill Powers, Mike Martin,
Jim Caldwell and J.A. Savage
(both photos)

Concurrent Session 2
THE AIR: Air Toxics: Under-Reported and Under the Radar

Photos by Kenneth Friedman
Thomas Dydek
Thomas McGarity
Tammy Webber

THE LAW: CITES Update: Importation of Endangered Species
Photos by Kenneth Friedman
Eugene Mulero
Chris Cutter
Benito Perez

Photo 1: THE CRAFT: Covering Disasters: From Forest Fires to Floods to Flares
Photo 2: THE GULF: Desalination: Getting Salt Out of the Seas

Photos by Kenneth Friedman
Don Wall, Ed Nesselroad and Scott Miller
Jean-Phillippe Nicot, Peter Gleick,
Tom Henry and Andrew Shea

THE NATION: Heaven and Earth: The Christian Right Meets the Environmental Movement
Photos by Kenneth Friedman
Thomas Dunlap, Jim Ball,
Dan Fagin and Ray Bohlin
Ray Bohlin
Jim Ball
Dan Fagin

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