Photos: SEJ 15th Annual Conference, Austin, TX

Miscellany #2, 2005

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Jim Detjen and crew photos by Kenneth Friedman

Jim Detjen, Director, Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, Michigan State University, and SEJ Founding President (left),
with Knight Center graduate assistants Yu-Ting Lin and Hannah Northey

Sara Thurin Rollins, former SEJ treasurer and former SEJ board member
MSU undergraduate environmental journalism student Jacki Halas

Knight Center secretary Barb Miller
Knight Center graduate assistant
Kristin Johnson

University of Texas at Austin sculpture photos by Kenneth Friedman

Photos by Kenneth Friedman
Mentoring get-together

Sunday post-conference photos 1 & 2 by Peter Thomson; 3 by Clem Henriksen.
Stubb's Barbecue
L-R: Board member Peter Thomson,
Sr. Programs Associate Carol Nolen,
ED Beth Parke, member Dale Willman,
board member Carolyn Whetzel,
Associate Director Chris Rigel,
Conference Manager Jay Letto
Staff L-R: Carol Nolen, Jay Letto,
Esteban Romero, Chris Rigel, Beth Parke

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