Photos: SEJ's 16th annual conference in Burlington, VT

Thursday, October 26, 2006

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Day Tours

The Historic Hudson River: Cleanup Controversy at a Superfund Mega Site
Photos by Joseph A. Davis
This photo shows a crowd of venturesome and inquiring SEJ conference-goers at the overlook next to the now-closed GE capacitor plant at Hudson Falls, NY. They are less than 20 feet from the outfall from which much of the PCB contamination that created a Superfund site out of the Hudson entered the river. When the river is a little higher, water spills over the dam at lower right onto the dark-colored rocks beyond the overlook.
Richard Bopp, Environmental Geochemist, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute explains (enthusiastically) to SEJ tourgoers (smiling but skeptical) how the porous rock below the now-closed GE Hudson Falls plant acted as a sponge for PCBs which are still seeping into the river.

From Cow Power to Urban Farms: Sustainable Agriculture in the 21st Century
Photos by Bill Allen
A dairy cow at Blue Spruce Farm in Addison County, Vt., attempts to curry favor with journalists.
David Dunn of Central Vermont Public Service describes the electricity-generating process by which the pile of solids behind him is produced from cow manure at Blue Spruce Farm.

Karen Getz of Dancing Cow Farm answers questions about the cheeses she makes from organic milk produced on the farm.
Steve Getz of Dancing Cow Farm in Addison County, Vt., talks about the facility his dairy cows use in winter.

The Acid Test: Camel's Hump
Photos by Madeline Bodin
Hubert Vogelmann, Professor Emeritus, University of Vermont
Jim Andrews, Research Herpetologist, Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Project, Middlebury College

Erick Titrud, Assistant Attorney General, Environmental Protection Unit, State of Vermont
Jim Kellogg, Aquatic Biologist, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Keeping a Patchwork Forest from Unraveling
Photos by Peter Thomson
Animal tracker Susan Morse, of Keeping Track, speaks to SEJ members in a tract of recently-cut family forest land in Richmond, Vermont.
Michael Snyder, Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, speaks to the tour group at a logging site in Underhill, Vermont. To his left is forester Scott Moreau; at center is SEJ member and tour co-organizer Steve Long, Editor/Publisher of Northern Woodlands magazine.

Lake Champlain: Ecosystem at Risk
Photos by Jim Bruggers
Tour co-leader Candice Page, of The Burlington Free Press, and attendees dressed for the weather and their day of watery exploration.
Before boarding the Melosira to tour Burlington Bay, tour-goers visited a rain garden to learn about innovative efforts to stem polluting urban and suburban stormwater runoff.

Picture above are the infamous zebra mussels that have clogged Great Lakes waterways. Here, University of Vermont professor Mary Watzin shows some that were scooped from the bottom of Lake Champlain.

Green Sneakers and Blaze Orange: Can Traditional Conservation and Environmentalism Coexist?
Photo by Matt Crawford
Former SEJ board member, and a co-leader of the Green Sneakers and Blaze Orange tour, Mark Neuzil poses with one of the woodcock he managed to bag while hunting with Burlington Free Press outdoors editor Matt Crawford.

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