Exhibitors: SEJ 14th annual conference, Pittsburgh, PA

SEJ welcomes participation by independent exhibitors and hosts of hospitality events.

Fees paid to SEJ for use and management of exhibit and hospitality space during the conference provide unrestricted income which will be used to defray costs of SEJ general operating in 2005.

SEJ played no role in content planning for independent exhibits and hospitality events.

Exhibit tables are located in Carnegie Mellon University's Wiegand Gymnasium (University Center, first floor).

Exhibitor Booth/Table #
American Hardwood Information Center, Hardwood Manufacturers Association and Hardwood Council 10
American Rivers 42
Animal Welfare Institute 35
Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies 24
Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Dept of the Interior 19
Canadian Council of Forest Ministers, Natural Resources Canada 4
Carnegie Mellon University Bookstore 1
Coalition for Responsible Wind Power: Citizens for Responsible Wind Power, Friends of Blackwater Canyon, Friends of the Allegheny Front, Friends of Highland County, Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, MAGIC, Friends of Backbone Mountain 20
Commission for Environmental Cooperation 31
Competitive Enterprise Institute 13
Conservation International 11
Defenders of Wildlife 23
Diesel Technology Forum 9
Environment Canada 28
Environmental Health Perspectives 46
Friends of the Mountains Coalition: Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Appalachian Center for the Economy & the Environment, Coal River Mountain Watch, West Virginia Highlands Conservancy, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth 7
Green Mountain Energy Company 21
Harvard School of Public Health/PennFuture Mercury Testing 8
International Bottled Water Association 22
Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. 37
Island Press 30
Marine Fish Conservation Network 14
Michigan State University School of Journalism 44 and 45
Minerals Management Service, U.S. Dept of the Interior 2
The Nature Conservancy 12
National Center for Policy Analysis 27
National Ground Water Association 43
National Library of Medicine 25
National Ocean Service, NOAA 6
Nestlé Waters North America Inc. 39
Nuclear Energy Institute 5
The Ocean Conservancy 38
PR Newswire 26
Save Hays Woods Campaign Coalition 16
TelevisionWeek 41
U.S. Army Environmental Center 40
U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board 17
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 3
U.S. Geological Survey 18
UK Science & Technology 32
The University of Texas at Austin (SEJ 2005 annual conference host) 33
Vermont Law School (SEJ 2006 annual conference host in conjunction with University of Vermont) 34
The Wilderness Society 36
World Wildlife Fund 15

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