Photos: Post-Conference Tour, Lake Tahoe

Sunday-Wednesday, September 9-12, 2007
Post-Conference Tour: Journey to Lake Tahoe: Sapphire of the Sierra

Lake Tahoe, a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains of the U.S., is located along the border between California and Nevada.

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Photos by Charlotte Kidd.
L-R: Rhitu Chatterjee, Gail Wesson, Chris Bowman, Deborah Knight and Jane Braxton Little on UC Davis' research boat,
the John Le Conte
Jane Braxton Little and Dr. Charles Goldman of UC Davis

UC Davis' Charles Goldman talks with SEJ's Deborah Knight on board the John Le Conte.
Catherine Puckett, Jennifer Swacina and Bill Rukeyser on the John Le Conte.

Landscape pic of charred forest and remaining trees. Question now is what to remove and what to leave.
Christine Heinrichs and other SEJers question Sierra Forest Legacy director Craig Thomas and USFS fuels management officer Mark Johnson at the Angora fire site, Lake Tahoe.

Jeff Cowan of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency answers questions from SEJers such as Deborah Knight at Angora fire site.
Charred forest

Catherine Puckett and Hannah Hamilton push their kayak back into Lake Tahoe.
Charlotte Kidd, Catherine Puckett, Hannah Hamilton and Cindie Powell on the beach at Tahoe City

Catherine Puckett in an aspen forest in the Lake Tahoe Basin
Hannah Hamilton ready to paddle back

University of Nevada professor and Basque research historian Joxe Mallea observes an arborglyph carved in a tree.
Jennifer Swacina and Mallea examine a bark piece inscribed with an arborglyph in a Lake Tahoe Basin forest.

Lady's legs and garters, carved by Basque sheepherder E.M.
Lynne Davis and Deborah Knight listen as Mallea describes the sheepherder's carving in the aspen.

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