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"Having worked in this field for more than 20 years (half of which there was no SEJ), I can say the society has immensely improved the quality of reporting on the environment — stories that literally affect every person on the planet. SEJ provides both the educational advancement and professional forum environmental reporters need to increase their knowledge to produce higher quality reporting."
— Mike Dunne, The (Baton Rouge) Advocate

"Without SEJ, it's possible that I never would have considered environmental journalism as a career goal. As an undergraduate student, my focus was on journalistic basics and on community journalism. However, the visibility of the organization provided to me through the SEJ website, numerous E-Mail postings and tapes of the organization's annual meeting changed my focus. I've used SEJ resources for research papers, created an environmental beat for one of my beat reporting classes, successfully lobbied the university to create an environmental policy minor, and have even chosen electives and taken extra classes so my degree will be a complete double major in Journalism and Environmental Policy. Part of the confidence I placed behind these decisions is the fact that I know a community of environmental journalists exists. I found this community in SEJ. My efforts have been recognized by my professors, and I can't help but feel I've made an impression on them about the importance of covering environmental issues. And there's little doubt in my mind this organization will also benefit my work further down the road."
— Jon Krenek, student, WI

"Rapid changes in the world's ecology are putting unprecedented pressures on the journalism profession as well. SEJ is a vital resource for those seeking to meet this challenge."
— Steve Curwood, executive producer and host, National Public Radio's Living on Earth

"SEJ has been a blessing for me. Not only does it provide an open forum to discuss hot topics that have to do with the environment, it also provides contacts within the business that have proven invaluable. It gives us the opportunity to let other environmental journalists know about upcoming events and current situations which might otherwise be overlooked. I would not like to do without the organization now that I have gotten used to having access to the group. As we say down here, 'aquí a las órdenes para cualquier cosa.' "
— Susan Soltero, WLII, TV and Radio, Puerto Rico

"SEJ is an institution essential both to the community and the practice of quality reporting on the environment in all media, and as such I feel it does an exceptionally good job. Its publications are models of clarity and utility, and its annual conferences have never failed to inspire and educate me."
— Richard Milner, independent film producer, Des Moines, IA

"After being an SEJ member for a few years, my appreciation for the organization — and its information via the Web site — continues to grow. I log on to the site at least three to four times a week it seems, and my site usage has grown each year as more services become available. I particularly like EJToday, since as a freelance journalist I cover many topics for a variety of outlets, and I always seem to spot something that fits the needs of one of my clients. I also use many of the other links, such as Useful Links, TipSheet, back issues of SEJournal, the membership directory, conference information, etc. I have tried to find a similar organization to reflect my interest in health topics (particularly environmental health), but none are even close."
— Bob Weinhold, freelance journalist, Santa Fe, NM

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