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Table of Contents


A Federal Superfund Site Near You May Hold a Great Story
By Joaquin Sapien

A Seattle River Engages Public in Pollution
By Robert McClure

A Media Future? How Nonprofit Journalism Offered Me a New Chance
By Douglas Fischer

Newsroom Cuts: Environment Beat Takes Hit in 2008 Recession
By Michael Mansur

"Point of Sorrow" — Recounting Coal's Destruction in America
By Michael Mansur

Inside Story: If Pollution Cleanup Sounds Too Good To Be True
By Bill Dawson


President's Report: Nation's Energy Future Holds Promise for E-Journalists
By Christy George

Science Survey: Epigenetics . . . Eeek!
By Valerie Brown

The Beat: News Convergence — the Three E's of Environment, Energy and Economy
By Bill Dawson

The Biz: Change Has Most Definitely Come. Now What?
By Bud Ward

Research News Roundup: Newspaper Coverage of Environment Praised While Health Officials Were Unresponsive in Cancer Cluster Cases
By Jan Knight

Media On the Move
By Judy Fahys

Reporter's Toolbox: Here's How to Join the Tweetstream on Twitter
By Amy Gahran

Bookshelf Book Reviews:

  • Poisoned Profits: The Toxic Assault on Our Children, by Alice and Philip Shabecoff
    Reviewed by Kathleen Regan
  • Diagnosis: Mercury, Money, Politics & Poison, by Jane Hightower
    Reviewed by Jennifer Weeks
  • No Way Home: The Decline of the World's Great Animal Migrations, by David S. Wilcove
    Reviewed by Tom Henry

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