Academic environmental communication

This new section of the SEJ web site offers information for people who write about science, and who research scientific topics. Many of these sites offer peer-reviewed articles looking at the challenges, ethics and difficulties in accurately describing scientific developments. This service will be particularly useful for SEJ's nearly 200 academic members, but is open to all. FYI, you can view a list of academic institutions with environmental journalism programs here.

Current links:

Environmental Communication Network (ECN)
The ECN is an independent non-profit, non-commercial and altogether a-fiscal educational service, run by SUNY-ESF Professor Mark Meisner entirely on a volunteer basis. The ECN website offers networking opportunities; resources including journals, bibliographies, educational programs and courses; archives of the Conference on Communication and Environment (COCE) web site; and houses the Environmental Communication Commission (ECC) of the National Communication Association.

Sciphers On-Line web page (currently under construction)
Sciphers is the Science Communication Interest Group from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). You'll find their bibliography in the menu on the left.

Major science/environmental communication journals:

Table of contents are typically available for these journals, but you'll have to pay or go to the library for the hard copy to see the entire article. This protects all concerned from copyright problems.

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