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May 8, 2009: This page, being part of SEJ's old site, is no longer being updated. SEJ members' blogs and websites are now here, on our new website.

Following are some web sites that SEJ members have recommended as useful to any journalist covering environmental issues. Some are blogs, some forums; others are news sites, members' sites or feeds. They focus on environmental journalism, environment or journalism... or any combination thereof. This list was initiated by an exchange on SEJ-Talk (SEJ's members-only listserv) in which journalists, educators and others volunteered their favorite sites. Subsequent suggestions have been received and added.

It's hard to imagine anyone involved in journalism not knowing about blogs by now, but just in case, a blog is short for weblog. It's an opinion forum, with reader interactivity. You can post a comment in reply to what the blogwriter posts. Websites without personal commentary are not blogs, though many can be very useful. Guidance on what is and isn't a blog.

Christy George of Oregon Public Broadcasting has helpfully arranged these sites by type and theme. If you find any that are no longer active or not as billed, or if you would like your blog added to the page, please notify Cindy MacDonald, SEJ's Web content manager.

SEJ does not endorse the views or vouch for the accuracy of any of these sites. As with any information source, you'll need to verify it yourself.

For those who are "blog-crazy," as in wild about or mad for blogs, you can read all postings from all the blogs on this list in one place: SEJ's blogdiggers group, "Enviroblogs." You can find out more about how blogdigger groups work here and here.

And for the true techies, there's an even higher level of blogdigger group, where you can export the entire list of feeds from those blogs as an OPML file. That would allow you to subscribe to all the blogs at once thru your own feed-reader software or service. If you don't know about feed readers or RSS, that's a different story — go to Amy Gahran's excellent Webfeeds/RSS page.

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General Blogs, with Frequent Environmental Content
Journalism Blogs
Political & Nonprofit Blogs and Forums (about the environment)
Regional Environmental Blogs and News Sites — Various Sponsors
NEPA Environmental News — Government
Environmentally Themed Websites — Academics & Other Noncombatants
Environmentally Themed, Nonprofit Blogs or Websites Offering News, with or without Feed Option
Environmentally Themed, Commercial Blogs and Forums

Science & Environmentally Themed Blogs and Forums (general and specific)

60-Second Science Blog
Scientific American's. Environmental Issues Forestry

Alternative Energy Blog
"Alternative energy in places as remote as Afghanistan with great photos."

Alternative Energy ~ Renewable Energy blog
Hydrogen, solar, biofuel, geothermal, hydro and more.

Carfree Network — USA
Promotes car free living.

Cities & Oceans of If
Hosted by ecological artist Aviva Rahmani to address global warming issues and concerns.

City Comforts Blog
Cities, architecture, the 'new urbanism,' real estate, historic preservation, urban design, land use law, landscape, transport etc..., from a mildly libertarian stance.

Cut Oil Imports!
Focuses on boosting America's national security by reducing foreign oil imports, and promotes US-based alternative energy (i.e., solar, wind and ethanol).

Dead Ants Are My Friends (was Flying Talking Donkey)
Oil and energy blog.

An ex-Investment Advisor on dwindling resources and debt.

Down to Earth
Science and engineering of natural systems.

Earth Blog
Commentary and analysis on environmental sustainability.

Sustainable development and environment news, links + comment from the U.K.

Earth Talk
Water & ocean conservation forum.

"The latest in green gossip."

Effect Measure
A progressive forum for public health discussion.

The Energy Blog
Explores topics related to "the energy revolution" requiring oil to be supplemented by alternative energy sources and changes in lifestyle to be implemented.

A project of the Environmental Working Group, this blog covers public health, environmental policy, and better consumer choices.

Environmental Economics
This blog disseminates economists' views on current environmental and natural resource issues.

Green building blog.

Examined Lives
A mindful living blog, discussing the differing perspectives of city and suburb residents. Features product reviews and tips.

Flu Wiki
A public health blog with excellent avian flu resources.

Green Car Congress
Energy, technologies, issues and policies for sustainable mobility.

Green Media Toolshed Blog
Media tips blog for green groups.

Washington state focus on "good" environmental "news".

Grist magazine's blog.

"Facts on the inevitable world-wide energy transition."
Guardian columnist George Monbiot's blog on environment, social justice and human rights.

Chris C. Mooney: Intersection
Scientific integrity/junk science with a heavy environmental focus.

National Parks Traveler
Commentary, News, and Life in America's National Parks.

The Oil Drum
Discussions on Hubbert's Peak/Peak Oil, sustainable development and growth, and implications.

Climate scientists' blog.

15+ science blogs all in one place, from a number of different disciplines.

Search for Cleantech
Practices, technologies and business models that challenge human consumption habits.

Seeds for Thought
A collective blog, posted each day by different members of the International Community for Ecopsychology.

Shifting Baselines Blog
Hollywood meets ocean conservation blog.

Simple Subjects
Family, Faith, Simplicity and Environmental News from Oregon.

News, information and personal meanderings related to environmental and economic sustainability, green and sustainable business, and environmental politics.

"A place to explore the connections between community and sustainability."

Tame Bear
Appropriate science and technology for sustainable life on planet Earth.

The Tangled Bank
Science, medicine and environment blog carnival (a weekly showcase of weblog writing).

Technorati's Directory of Environment Blogs
A searchable directory of environment-related blogs.

A green lifestyle blog, including information on products.

Two Steps Forward
Green business writer Joel Makower's blog.

UNplanning Journal
A collection of "news and views on the rise and fall of the built environment in light of the coming energy crisis."

The Watt
Daily energy news and discussion. Blog and podcast.

Where We're Bound: Natural Resources
Missouri-based nature-lover.

Science, nuclear and foreign policy.

Blogging the near future.

General Blogs, with Frequent Environmental Content

The Anthropik Network
Blog on ecology and anarchy.

A group blog from Oregon progressives.
A Canadian FOI blog with a strong interest in environmental issues.

Knowledge Problem
Blog on economics, information and human action.

Musings from a freethinking Southern Oregon.

Journalism Blogs

The Kicker
Columbia Journalism Review.

McCormick Media Matters
McCormick Tribune Foundation.

NU Access
News University/Poynter blog about online training for journalists.

Political & Nonprofit Blogs and Forums (about the environment)

The Blue Marble
A blog on science and health from nonprofit Mother Jones.

Bush Greenwatch
A project of Environmental Media Services, with support from online advocacy group

Cascadia Scorecard Weblog
Northwest (U.S.) Environment Watch spinoff blog.

Climate Progress
Climate science, politics and solutions; a project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Climate Science Watch
A good source of news related to censorship and distortion of climate info.

Daily Kos
Top progressive-left national blog with frequent environmental diaries.

This blog's purpose is to "to blow off the public relations pollution that clouds climate change." Run by Jim Hoggan, a Vancouver P.R. firm principal who is a lawyer by training and a board member of the David Suzuki Foundation.

Environmental Action
News and commentary on global warming, clear air, wilderness, energy, oceans.

Free Republic
Top right-wing forum — environmental topics under "misc," "unclassified" and by state.

Howling at a Waning Moon
"Tracking the Bush Administration's assault on the environment, our health, and our childrens' quality of life."

NEI Nuclear Notes
"News and commentary on the commercial nuclear energy industry" from the Nuclear Energy Institute.

The New Security Beat
In response to a high level of interest and participation in a panel of the same name at the 2006 SEJ annual conference in Burlington, the Environmental Change and Security Program (ECSP) at the Woodrow Wilson Center launched this blog to present news, debates, research, and policy developments on environment, population, and security.

Ocean Champions
A nonpartisan political organization advocating for ocean conservation through electoral and legislative action.

Policy Pete
Petroleum policy and geopolitics.

PR Watch Forums
PR industry watchdogs.

Science And Politics
PhD student "making strange connections between science, religion, brain, language and sex."

Regional Environmental Blogs and News Sites — Various Sponsors

An Alaskan take on energy.

Arab Environment Monitor
Authored by a Jordanian ecologist/researcher/writer, this blog offers updates and analysis for the Jordanian, Arab and international environmental communities.

My Take: Conservation, Culture, Ethics & Politics
A conservationist's view of life from Tucson, Arizona.

Atlantic CoastWatch — News Nuggests
A daily news clipping service, providing between 500-700 news clippings per week covering the NW atlantic region between Nova Scotia and the eastern Caribbean.

Rough & Tumble
A snapshot of California public policy issues:

Polizeros Bob: The Politics of Water
Focusing on California and the Southwest.
A daily index of news and articles from popular publications in Canada, plus occasional international content.

Canadian-based. "A little bit of tech, a little bit of green."

Celilo Legacy Blog
A project of the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, to "serve as a clearinghouse for public discourse, information, events, activities, and memorials in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the inundation of Celilo Falls on March 10, 1957."

Bay Journal News Service
Op-ed columns, news and features on environmental issues affecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the mid-Atlantic.
Environmental news from Chesapeake Bay States.

Coyote Gulch
More a news site about Colorado water issues than a blog.

Black Bear Speaks
Great Lakes environmental news, progressive commentary, good books

Great Lakes Radio Consortium
Daily news stories.

Great Lakes Information Network
More Great Lakes news.

Gulf of Mexico Foundation
Regional news.

High Plains News
Radio service covering the High Plains and Intermountain West.

From Kerala, India, "thoughts on local environmental activities, issues and solutions, but with a global outlook."

Emerald City
LA Times blog on green living in Los Angeles, CA.

Maine Environmental Policy Institute
Maine Environmental News.

Maryland League of Conservation Voters Blog
A project of the Maryland LCV Action Center.

New West Network
"The voice of the Rocky Mountains." News and commentary on issues facing Colorado, Idado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

Southeastern U.S. environmental news and comment.

Tidepool: News for Salmon Nation
Transboundary Pacific Northwest.

Headwaters News
Transboundary Rockies.

EnviroSpin Watch
Blog monitoring coverage of environmental issues and science in the UK media. By Professor Emeritus Philip Stott.

A project of High Country News, a nonprofit, "bi-weekly newspaper that reports on the West's natural resources, public lands, and changing communities."

NEPA Environmental News — Government

National Environmental Policy Act Blog
"Law, news, perspective".

Environmentally Themed Websites — Academics & Other Noncombatants

Environmental and Urban Economics
Analysis by Matthew E. Kahn, Associate Professor of Economics at Tufts University's Fletcher School.

Environmental Law Prof Blog
Edited by Susan L. Smith, Professor of Law at Willamette University College of Law.

Knight Science Journalism Tracker
KSJ Tracker is a service for science journalists from the Knight Science Journalism Fellowship Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Science reporter Charles Petit scans the dailies, magazines, the wires, Web sites; does broadcasts; and posts several critiques each weekday.

News & Views from the CEJ
Blog of the Center for Environmental Journalism, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Colorado at Boulder.

Water Librarian's Home Page
Provides links to news sources with and without feeds.

Environmentally Themed, Nonprofit Blogs or Websites Offering News, with or without Feed Option

Acoustic Ecology Institute
News on all manner of sound-related environmental issues.

A Better Earth
Advocates of free enterprise environmentalism. Affiliated with George Mason University.

CNE Environment: Clearing the Air
Centre for the New Europe's pro-capitalist forum.

The Commons
Blog on free-market environmentalism.

The Daily Climate
Best of the day's news on climate change, published by Environmental Health News, edited by SEJ member Douglas Fischer.

Die Off
A population crash resource page.

Environmental Health News
Compiled by Environmental Health Sciences.

Greenpeace Blog

"An informal forum for ideas and thoughts on how to live a more green life."
The self-billed science debunkers.


Ocean advocacy group's blog.

Out of Control
Reason Public Policy Institute's blog on competition and choice.

Sierra Club Blog

Spin of the Day
PR Watch's blog on perceptual engineering in the environmental field.

Water Conserve
Assorted water conservation issues, available via newsfeed.

WORC in the News
Farming, ranching, energy extraction umbrella group: Western Organization of Research Councils.

Environmentally Themed, Commercial Blogs and Forums

The AirZone Blog
The latest news on air pollution, clean energy and emissions control technology.

Badlani Bags Blog
All about plastic bags, from the makers of cotton shopping bags.

Provides updates on what's happening in the environmental blogosphere by posting the most popular environment content and news stories, based on the actual actions of environment bloggers and their readers.

A carbon-credit trading company blogs on energy and related issues such as politics, clean technologies, transportation, consumerism, agriculture, green philosophy and more.

Clean Energy Consultants
Matthew H. Brown, president of InterEnergy Solutions, focuses on policy: energy, environment and energy security.

The Current
PLENTY magazine's house blog offers a daily dose of environmental news and commentary.

Island Press
Environmental issues forum.

Oil website, with links to all kinds of other energy sites.

Piedmont Biofuels Energy Blog

Renewable Energy Law Blog
Corporate law firm blog, specializing in energy.

Zprava: The Oil Blog
Oil/gas prices and futures, refinery capacity, rig counts, etc.

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