SEJ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Mission Statement & Objectives

Approved by the SEJ Board 7/31/10

The SEJ Guide to Diversity in Environmental Reporting, published in September 2013, is for journalists who want to address diversity concerns and practice more inclusive journalism. Authors Jennifer Oladipo and Talli Nauman created the guide, inspired by discussions by members of SEJ’s Diversity Task Force (now the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee).

The DEI Committee works with board members/committees, SEJ members and related groups to ensure SEJ is diverse, equitable and inclusive of all races, gender identities, socioeconomic statuses, ages and backgrounds. Our goal is to ensure SEJ — and environmental journalism in general — is more representative of the diverse array of voices working in the field.

In concert with SEJ leadership, we plan to achieve this by:

  • suggesting, encouraging and organizing panels, topical discussions and meetings at SEJ annual conferences
  • developing an online searchable database with contacts and information about environmental issues that affect minority groups, including environmental justice issues
  • developing new outreach efforts to increase SEJ minority membership, and encourage greater participation from minorities at annual conferences (including members, presenters and sponsors)
  • partnering with SEJ’s fellow journalism organizations to raise the profile of environmental justice issues

2023 DEI Committee:
Emilia Askari
Nadia Lopez (Co-Chair)
Rico Moore (Co-Chair)
Annie Ropeik

To learn more about the DEIC, contact SEJ board members Nadia Lopez or Rico Moore.

SEJers, UNITY Coalition J-group partner members (i.e., NABJ, NAHJ, AAJA, NAJA) and other SEJ membership-eligible journalists are encouraged to join the DEIC's SEJ-DIVERSITY email discussion listserv. The open listserv forum is intended to support the goals of the DEIC and promote collaboration, such as connecting SEJ panel submissions with other sister journalism groups. To join the listserv or to find out more about volunteer opportunities for SEJ members and UNITY J-group partner members, contact Executive Director Meaghan Parker.

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