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Meet SEJ board member Halle Parker! Halle reports on the environment for WWNO's Coastal Desk. Her coverage spans a wide range of topics, from issues of environmental justice, Louisiana's ongoing coastal land loss crisis, the energy transition and climate change. More about Halle.

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>> The SEJ Members in Need Fund supports members by covering fee waivers and other costs of participating in SEJ programs, due to financial hardship.
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Through gifts to SEJ you can help us advance our mission by:

  • Supporting journalists, with an emphasis on those who are historically underrepresented: General support for SEJ covers the costs of ambitious plans for conferences, publications, awards and other educational programs for environmental journalists, along with efforts to support diversity and inclusion in the field.

  • Getting the word out: Organizations interested in reaching a journalist audience can subscribe to SEJ's trusted press release service and take advantage of event sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

  • Funding newsgathering: Gifts to support SEJ's Fund for Environmental Journalism are used to underwrite small grants available to qualified journalists, covering costs of worthy reporting projects that are not yet complete. Winners are selected through a competitive process.

  • Expanding reporting capacity across socio-demographics: Gifts to SEJ can help expand reporting capacity for environmental coverage in local newsrooms, news deserts and for BIPOC journalists. SEJ's 21st Century Endowment Fund helps protect the future of environmental journalism. Gifts to The "Lizzie" Grant support more coverage of environmental health through the Fund for Environmental Journalism.

  • Lifting environmental journalism: Support for SEJ aids our efforts to lift the field of environmental journalism by helping to increase diversity, equity and inclusion through new fellowships, partnerships and mentoring programs.


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The Qualified Charitable Distribution is a great way to support the Society of Environmental Journalists and receive tax benefits in return. Whether you are planning your required minimum distribution (RMD) or not, consider making a gift from your traditional IRA to make the most of your charitable giving. You receive a tax benefit even if you take the standard deduction!

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