Education and Training in Environmental Journalism


Instructors in environmental journalism often find it useful to share ideas and resources, reading suggestions and examples of student projects. See also resources for students below.

Resources for teachers

Listserv for SEJ Educators: SEJ operates the SEJ-EDU e-mail listserv to serve as a forum for teachers and students to exchange information about teaching and learning environmental journalism. If you're an SEJ member, we welcome your participation. Go here for information on joining the listserv and accessing archives (you'll need your log-in info). The listserv is managed by Sara Shipley Hiles, SEJ's Board Representative for the Academic Membership.

COVID-19 resources for teachers:

Peer reviewed journals in science and environmental communication

Other professional groups and training resources

Resources for students


Suggestions and questions: Sara Shipley Hiles, SEJ's Board Representative for the Academic Membership