#SEJSpotlight: Anne Marshall-Chalmers, Investigative Reporter, The War Horse

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Meet SEJ member Anne Marshall-Chalmers! Anne grew up in the Bay Area, but for many years she bounced around Tennessee and Kentucky while working as a reporter and audio producer. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Atlas Obscura, NPR, Inside Climate News, Civil Eats and other publications. She has reported on climate change, agriculture, public health, injustice and the spaces where these topics intersect. She is a graduate of the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Currently, Anne is working on health and environment-related stories for The War Horse, a nonprofit newsroom focused on veteran and military issues. She was named an Association of Health Care Journalists-California Health Journalism fellow in 2023. In her spare time, Anne enjoys writing children’s stories and aspires to one day tackle fiction.

When asked if she recommends SEJ membership for her colleagues, Anne said, "Anyone who is serious about tackling stories related to the climate crisis should join SEJ. From grant opportunities to frequent webinars and trainings, SEJ is an invaluable resource." Join us — apply for SEJ membership.

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Web                annemarshallchalmers.com
X                      @marshall_anne

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