Photos: SEJ's 16th annual conference in Burlington, VT

Saturday, October 28, 2006

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Concurrent Sessions 4: THE BORDER: Invasives: Global Trade Brings Local Costs
Photos by Cindy MacDonald
Panelist Larry Harris, a professor in the Department of Zoology at University of New Hampshire, poses with photos of one of his research subjects — the newfound, very invasive sea squirts. These particular specimens are growing on a lobster pot and buoy line in Port Smith Harbor, New Castle, NH. Click on photo to enlarge.
L-R: Robert Costanza, Rose Paul, Larry Harris, moderator Janet Raloff, and Ellen Marsden.

Mini-Tour: Vermont's Green Fuels of the Future
Photos by Charlotte Kidd
Tour organizer Jim Motavalli with EVermont's Harold Garabedian at Burlington's wind-powered hydrogen-production station — a win-win, zero-emissions Proton Energy Systems facility with nearby wind turbine that offsets energy used to convert water to hydrogen fuel.
Wind turbine.

Hydrogen-powered Toyota Prius (converted) at EVermont's hydrogen-fueling station.
Front view of Prius.

Water to hydrogen gas conversion equipment.
Outside the Local Motion transportation planning office, SEJers were fascinated as Rebecca Grannis explained how she converted her truck to biodiesel — and fuels with filtered restaurant cooking oil.

Slow Food Evening at Shelburne Farms
Photos by Madison Hall
Getting down in Shelburne's gorgeous Coach Barn.
L-R: ? (help!), Dina Cappiello and Paul Thacker.

Danielle Casavant
Amy Gahran

Ron Steffens and Dan Sullivan
Still dancing!

Photos by Cindy MacDonald
SEJers danced the night away to the power sounds of Tammy Fletcher and the Disciples.
University of Vermont President and Mrs. Daniel Mark Fogel didn't miss a beat.

Conference attendees and volunteers Naila Fin Moreira and Phil McKenna, with SEJ senior programs associate Carol Nolen (center), helped staff keep things running smoothly all week. Thanks!!
L-R: Kristin Espeland, Sarah Ruby, Rob Davis, Carrie Knauser had a busy week. They won fellowships for Michigan State University's Environmental Journalism Boot Camp which was held for 3 days prior to SEJ's Burlington conference.

L-R: SEJ associate director Chris Rigel, registration gurus Robin and Diane, and SEJ's Nolen relax post-conference on Sunday afternoon in the Sheraton's Tuckaways Lounge.

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